By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2010 Apr 17
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Conspiracy of a heart

I thought of writing you this letter a thousand times,but each time I was done,I would rip it into tiny shreds and start writing you all over again.It is not weakness of me nor is it lack of words, but more like the search for the right words, the ones that speak of truth, the ones that speak my mind, that expose my heart, and that narrate the story of these on-going beats.

I thought of starting the first line with "I love you" for it had the three "S' s" : Simple,Straight to the point and Sincere.
Can you imagine a day with no sunshine? A night with no stars? A body with no soul? it's impossible to do so, just as it is impossible to see me without you. it is a simple equation, yet how come the solution is never easy?

In a world ruled by material, you are my treasure and in you I hold my pride.
Every passing minute of each day,another mountain of thoughts is piled up for you,

in the naked desert I hide my feelings deep down in the roots of dead trees,only to find them exposed to all eyes,except yours' .

Why do things go a certain way?we will never know,they just do,it's difficult to comprehend and it is easier to just accept things for what they are.

We fight for something for so long,but the facts remain the same, so we cope in silence and with time little by little a piece of us starts to disappear as our faith in change surrenders.

However my love, these memories of you make me stronger,I will never forget the sound of your laughter, behind your gorgeous smile I have met a courageous broken heart, when the whole world wore a mask and hid behind multiple identities,you have shown me a side ever so real ,you have given me your soul and asked me for nothing in return.

In your distance,I count the hours of your return, for I am like an asylum seeker searching for a new home, and when you travel,I am left to wonder when will I ever see you again.

I honestly don't think you realize how much I think of you each day; every passing thought starts and ends with you .

You are the beginning,the ending and everything in between. Remember this. Remember me. And remember the final quest of thee : To die in your arms