By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2010 Jun 19
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Time (Softness)

The sunlight bothers me,
wears design and failure
as some extravagant dress
(heartbreak is silk
soft and tempting
on the skin
of beauty
and though I want to let
these foolish hands
touch its softness
I am inept
and reluctant
because there is no time
for me,
says this world,
says this boy)

How could anything beautiful
love something
as morose and strange,
as foolish and clumsy,
as tired and gauche,
as this boy
can be
(I'm an allegory
for defeat,
by the time
spent drowning
in this box,
thoughts and stale air
floating about quietly,

There are no maydays,
no soft skin
willing to press against mine,
no beauty
comes near,
(I don't wait
for heartbreak,
nor forever
that'll never
take my heart

There's no time
for heartache
or ghosts and memories
says this world,
says this boy
(I am no
object of desire
for soft eyes,
just a jester,
running out of time)