By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2010 Jun 19
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I am clumsily awkward
eloquence escapes me
in every waking moment
(even in dream
she abandons me,
so turn away
and let me be)

There's Sunlight and Rain
taking turns painting the world
outside my window
and there is a spherical void
in my mind,
the gravity of my heart
is too weak
to drag anyone near
(I'm scared
that I won't have anything to say)

I let my tongue
toss words into the air
as fast as it can
so that silence
does not let thoughts wander
you always find me
because Silence,
is never able to)

I don't know anything
about harbors
just about this little boy
running in circles
(like the ocean,
the endless ocean)
so judge me,
if you like
but do so
without understanding

With the woman
in white
on dry land
thinking it strange,
for someone so strange,
to be floating aimlessly
it seems logical
for gravity to give up
so easily
(I'm terrified,
that I'll have nothing to say)