By Star of David
Date: 2010 Jul 01
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Come Back

I always thought that suddenly
I would stumble upon roses
And a note saying you’re sorry
That you want me back
And love me more than anyone
You’ve ever known and always will.

Or that my phone would ring
And it would be you
On the other end
Promising to keep me safe
And love me, no matter what
No matter who, no matter when.

Or that I would hear the SMS beep
And grab my phone to find
A declaration of love from you
Saying you’re here now and will stay
And will never leave me alone again
Asking me to love you back again

Or that I’d check mail
And find a missive from you
Explaining your case
And promising never to hurt me
Again – at least not deliberately
A promise that you won’t go again.

Or – most of all – that I’d
Open my eyes any day now
And see you standing
Right here in front of me
Close enough to touch
Saying you never went away.