By Just L
Date: 2010 Jul 10
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The Rest is Just the Rest

(Depending on your perspective)People think I am confident; capable; charismatic; complex. So much so, the refrain “you don’t need me” or “you deserve more than I can give” have become the chorus of my life. In fact, I am a simple woman. What feeds me? Love; pure and undemanding. Without it I am more fragile and less fierce in the world. I would be blissfully happy to slay dragons everyday and sleep with, my love, every night. My delight is simply that. I want you just as you are. I do not require you to perform or have anything “in you.” I already chose you. I meet you where you are. That is love. As long as there is you, I will always be thrilled. The rest is just the rest.

Just L
Written July 10, 2010