By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2010 Jul 20
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Blossoms flourish from destruction

"she dwells in grief, not the common known kind of sorrow, but in that, the one that no one ever mentions, no one ever speaks of, drowning in never ending obstacles.
She speaks but no one ever listens, she tries to explain herself but all in vain, she leaves only to be followed by her own shadow.
What’s the point? Why give it another try? Why bother, we’ll never honestly know, but she does it every time. She was taught to believe that change is just a curve in the road yet the road is still the same.
She describes her life as a beautiful disaster piece; in all this wreck she still sees tulips gardens.
Had I not known her this well, I would probably call her crazy” she says staring at herself in the mirror.