By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2010 Jul 29
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What use
do those kind eyes
have for me,
how could they embrace
this eccentric isolationist
drained of time
and, perhaps,
charmingly inept,
but incomprehensibly ignorant,
the prototypical clumsy idiot
lost in this sea
of plastic people

Fragility is waiting
beside Strength,
both waiting to devour each other
with eerily placid patience
(I am consumed with disbelief
that that electric smile
could possibly be
for this asinine boy)

What blessings
might you bestow
here in the night
(stay here,
lay here
in rhythm,
to the chaos about us)

If silence suits you
stay still
while I stutter
and mutter about beauty
in imperfect and accidental words
though surrounded
by this heavy water
(I am caught
in your eyes)