By Just L
Date: 2010 Aug 23
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Drowning in the Big Blue

Floating on the waves of love
I know God hears me up above;

I hold you in my arms and then
You slip away yet once again;

The waters crystalline and pure
Whisper to you with such allure;

Look to the light my voice a scream
Don’t go under, it is merely a dream;

My words fall deaf among the bubbles
My heart bracing the storm; the rubble;

You dive into the pain without a sound
When all around you hope abounds;

My affection for you will not suffice
My cleansing waters do not entice;

I know not what happens in the deep
It is a secret still you keep;

Hours, days, weeks prolonged
I wait for you I sing our song;

Something stirred after long drifting
At last the darkness lifting?

Are you rising to take a breath
Or have you chosen certain death?

Just L

(Written August 23, 2010 because the 1998 movie The Big Blue speaks to you and breaks my heart)