By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2010 Sep 03
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Here comes the sun

Drawing cubicles and scrabbling circles on a white sheet of paper, I wonder how long he's been doing that for. I could see the intensity flowing from his body; you could tell he wasn¡¦t happy. It was evident that something was on his mind, something that would not let him rest at ease.
I approach him with a smile, he smiles back only to continue what he was doing, this time his hands were drawing faster and it wasn't a surprise to me that he almost ripped the paper as the impact of the pen got deeper.
I sat next to him, I said nothing, I just watched him draw those straight lines forming what looked like a black cloud. But something unusual happened half an hour later.
He looked at me again, smiled and asked if I have any kind of eraser with me, corrector, rubber, anything.. I just nodded my head and gave him one.
While he was erasing all that he has drawn, I was thinking to myself that I have seen and felt this kind of frustration; I have witnessed what it does to others and how cruel it can be, but I couldn't help but be fascinated by what this guy was doing!
He was making more eye contact now and he feels comfortable enough to say:¨A mountain of ashes piled up and with the right wind, it gets blown in your face..Yes, it all piles up, you try to hide it and you do a pretty good job at it, but in the end it finds you.¨
If you don't mind me asking, what is it that's bothering you this much? So much that you want to erase it all?¡¨ I said.
"Do you see those cubicles I drew?" He said.
"What about them?" I replied.
"The cubicles are your thoughts trapped in the word "impossible" , nothing is impossible, you determine the limits, the boarders, the obstacles ,your mind and heart are trapped in these lines, I was only setting you free by erasing them¡¨ he then carried on saying ¡ see those circles I drew?..These represent the same old cycle that you managed to put yourself in through the years, it has no beginning and no ending, and you are walking in life with no aim, so oblivious to all the beauty ahead. I did you a favor and erased them too".
"But you left the lines¡you know the black cloud.."I whispered.
"Yes, I am aware of that, this cloud represents your attitude towards life, towards things and people, I cannot control your feelings but I try to steer them in the right direction¡¨ he explained.
"But why is it black? I am smiling, I am happy!" I said to him as though he read my thoughts.
"Just because you are smiling doesn't necessarily mean that you are happy..And just because you are crying doesn't really have to mean that you are sad, most of life's worries make you smile despite of how you are feeling as a result of frustration, because you know it is out of your control, and a lot of happy moments are accompanied by joyful tears after a long wait, you start receiving".He explained.
"But why are the straight lines? What do they stand for?¡¨ I curiously asked.
"The straight lines are a reminder to never cheat yourself, to always be honest about where you stand and what you fight for, and they are straight because once a word is said you can never take it back, once an action takes place you can never change it, and once a heart breaks nothing can ever fix it..So remember to always be kind to others, to treat them they way you love being treated ,always  try to be fair .However should a word be spoken let it be of truth, an action taken let it be out of love and compassion and should a heart break give it a new home. Never be cruel, you see the straight lines are the rays of sunshine"He added.
After that I realized that it is only normal to have black clouds over your head from time to time, after all it makes you humane¡ and rain? Rain it never hurt anyone :)