By Just L
Date: 2010 Sep 06
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He Says - Revisited

He says:
You fill my life with sweet.
I loveadorecherishdesireappreciate you.
You are a bright spot in my life.
You have me in a way no one ever has.
I am made for you and you are perfectly fitted for me.
You move me; have me in an incredibly open and loving space.
You have stirred something in me that I didn’t believe still existed.
You are my everything!

And then he says:
I have nothing.

And she says:
You have me. Far from nothing.

Just L

Sometimes, when someone states, “I have nothing”... they must lose you to realize they had everything or to simply prove their self right. If it is the first, they miss you so badly that they will correct their course. If it is the second, they will settle for miserable time and again, and it is best that you are free of them. On the other hand, someone may fear they have nothing to give, and ask for you to carry them for a season. That is an entirely different matter! Listen with your heart. (September 6, 2010)