By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2010 Sep 11
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Single to twinkle-Can you handle it?

I say what I want whenever I feel like it; I will not stop, hesitate and overanalyze to think about it.
Because words are only alphabets arranged, but the thoughts in your head are untouched but estranged.
Don’t lock yourself up in a scrabbled sheet, with too many worries beneath your feet,
A blank white page is what makes the heart beat, bottled up emotions come to surface to meet.
Feelings should not be imprisoned, nor should they be contained, you have them for a purpose,
Speak up, they should be used and not be chained; lighten one’s heart with loving bliss.
I will not calculate my actions anymore; I will not play things by the book,
I will open the reaction door, and I will restore back all the things time took.
Boundaries and limits are only fiction in the mind, they are manmade
I refuse to define myself this way, be underlined, and to become just a shade.
People should be more honest and should say what they truly feel,
Fear of rejection? Insecurity?  detached? Too many differences? Just turn the wheel.
Too many frustrations and let downs, chase those negativities away,
Laughter awaits you in the next town, embrace happiness today.
The rainbow in your heart no one can steal, be spontaneous, and let down your guards,
Live for the moment, make it real, dance in madness, love to the fullest, put down your cards.
In a poker game, I am your high card, life is a gamble,
I  dare you to take a chance, question is: “ are  you really able to handle?”.