By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2010 Oct 12
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Pennies in a fountain -3-

11 October at 02:14

You are leaving soon and with you, you take a memory of once upon a time “me”
I hope you remember the " I see I see" and you the way you used to respond to it with "ICRC".
A new life waiting for you, an adventure as exciting as can be!
as you wave hello to happiness and spread your wings all freee!
But the further away you get, the harder it is for reality to sink in,
That somehow I managed to put myself in this circle of anxiety again.
I only blame myself for getting too carried away.
I knew the day would come, but I always prayed for a delay

My feet they still touch the ground,
My feelings under control,
Then again my head’s in the clouds,
I wouldn’t confess a word at all,
But I guess you could always tell..

From the way I threw all my pennies in a fountain,
Made those wishes pile up like a mountain,
I even tried wishing on a shooting star,
But seeing you again needed a miracle,
just like fixing my car!
All for the sake of seeing you smile,
believe me all the trouble was worthwhile

Royalty with your crown on and the world at your feet,
I’d give it all up; I’d give it all up for our eyes to meet,
I miss seeing your face each morning and the silly faces you pull, and the way you hardly ever eat anything and say that you’re full!

Too many thoughts and questions on my mind, I feel like I’m on the hot seat,
What am I doing right now, here comes the white flag, I surrender I retreat!

I stopped this insanity immediately and took it as a sign,
That maybe some things are never meant to be and you were never meant to be mine.

Still I took a chance,
and danced this dance,
Knowing that it will change things,
A minute in your France,
A smile, a glance,
Is better than walking my life on strings.

And the fact remains; I wouldn’t confess a word at all,
That meeting you, made all the walls around me fall.

Hanna  11 October at 10:23 Report

I'm not as a good writer as you are,
But still,I can write some words to the shining star
I'm leaving soon for something new and exciting
I'll be missing you calling me "hangouli" or "my king".
I got used to a sweet beautiful smiling queen,
Whom since at least 2 months I haven't seen.
I would have loved to see you again,
It would have spared us some anxiety or some pain.
My smile was shining thanks to your sweetness,
But we have to keep on smiling and spare us from bitterness.
I couldn't stay insensible to all the words you say,
But I had to control my feelings and live it my way...