By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2010 Oct 12
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Her:" A friend of mine has this as a status : Quote of the century -When you are SINGLE,all you see are HAPPY couples and when you r committed, all u see are happy singles!
Moral: be neutral, just flirt...  it's so true! ha ha
Him:" I like it a lot!"
Her:"Nothing unusual there.."
Him:" mmm "
Her:" it's practically your life"
Him:" I think I will steal this quote"
Her:" then don't think too much, just do it"
Him:" ha ha ...Do it..Talking about flirting?
Her:" You are already a flirt..I was talking about stealing the quote"
Him:" aaaaaaaaaah..mmmm...Well I rarely ever put anything as a status, and when i put one..It’s deep and I like to play with words!!
Her:" think THIS quote is deep? it is as shallow as they come:
Him:" ha ha,no I just don’t like quotes that come to mind often..Once I put this as a status :at a bus station the bus stops,at a train station a train stops,at my desk,I have a workstation... "
Her:" By the way, Remember the picture you sent? You know the "ladies' man" award picture?"
Him:" yes indeed"
Her:" My God! You really earned the title! you look like one!"
Him:" haha, oh dear..why??ha?
Her:" just saying "
Him:"huh..I do not see what the big deal is, I am a ladies' man and I am proud!"
Her:" I can tell! haha"
Him:"are u jealous or what??
Her:"It's none of my business, you are free to do whatever it is you want,afterall who am I to judge you"
He sends the "UFO" wink
Her:" hmmm thank you?You come in peace? "
Him:" I don't know..depends! I'm here to CONQUER"
Her:" conquer what exactly?"
Him:" whatever I can get "
Her:" I see we have ourselves a greedy alien,,,hmmm very nice"
Him:" You can bet on it"
Her:"Oh well, good luck with your conquer?
Him:" Thanks, are you interested? "
Her:" I have already conquered and have all I need"
Him:" Even though.. what did u conquer? "
Her:" I conquer hearts  "
Him :"Oh really? So u conquer hearts...broken hearts? frozen hearts?
Her:" I don't take what's already broken because I hate fixing things but Frozen hearts do melt in my presence"  
Him:" Nice...and u said u have all you need,so you already conquered a heart...hearts?"
Her:" right now it's not about conquering although I know I can, but it's about maintaining good relations"  
him: "I wouldn't know... you said it... "
Her :"besides it's a heart not heartS.. I hate sharing..what's mine is mine alone and what's his is only his"  
Him:" you said :I already conquered and have all I need..This means  that  you already conquered a heart... "
Her:" yes I have"
Him:" Am I getting this right?"
Her:"Well I conquered it for a while"  
Him:"Oh u don’t have what u need right..."
Her:" I guess I do...I have my sanity which is the most important thing right now"
Him:" aaaaaaah so this is not related to the conquest"
Her:" I know one thing, if i set my mind into something I almost always get it  but at the same time I don’t go into battles knowing that I would lose war"
Him:"Interesting... So you are not a conqueror”
Her:" I am... But I choose what to conquer because I don’t want it to backfire and maybe it's a bit late for that, bas never too late to retreat”
Him:" My oh my.. A real conqueror knows that he will win..He only thinks about winning... Anyway maybe your conquests are different than mine"
Her:" well this girl knows that if a conquer is followed by a loss then no, the real conquer would be doing the smart thing rather than enjoy the " fake win"
Him:" It shouldn't necessary be fake .. The important thing is to fight for it... "
Her:" let's say you fight, but for how long? and don’t forget resistance"
Him:" You fight as long as u can... "
Her:" what if eventually you find out that you have been fighting in the wrong fight?"
Him:" well.. That would be a problem so you always say!"
Her:" A problem? More like a disaster as you once described it!"

He works in Disaster management so I'm pretty sure he's used to it, whereas she is learning Disaster reduction so she'll learn to cope..