By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2010 Nov 02
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Identity crisis

For unknown reasons, I have accustomed myself to the state of loneliness, and no matter how many people I am surrounded by this feeling haunts me.
There is always a corner of my mind that never wants to blend in, that enjoys being a flower on the wall, a corner that wants to be forgotten.
Nobody likes to feel this way and no one should.
It’s a burden that never seems to part me; and every time I remember that I can never be my true self in a society that is ruled by tradition, it suffocates me even more.
Freedom, no, it does not exist.
I don’t make my own decisions, they are made for me; all the dreams I have, all the places I wish to visit and all the people I miss, I may never have, visit, or see any of these. My life is an oral contract; the repetition of words, the many promises made that will never be delivered and in a bold underlined font it is obvious that is just an identity crisis.