By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2010 Nov 08
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Me,myself and I

My bags are all packed, it’s a beautiful sunny day, yet it’s cloudy on the inside,
I still don’t understand this feeling of emptiness that haunts me, unbelievably numb, not a single feeling.
I should be on cloud number nine by now, skipping from excitement but that’s not what I am doing, instead I chose to stay calm, cool and collected, in an attempt to avoid any bumps in the road, any predicted disappointments and any down hills.
I know that I am not that much loved; I can tell the difference between those who truly love me for me and others that are after an interest, the problem is that they don’t realize that I have nothing to offer them. I am ME. Yes as simple as that.
For someone that is emotionally crippled, it is hard for me to express myself in a healthy way as I always bottle up everything inside, I got so used to people leaving that it scares me to death to hold on to anyone .
We live in a selfish world. It’s a pity we all learn the hard way.