By Jane Rain
Date: 2010 Dec 30
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I've got nothing to offer
but my faithful sorrow
and ever growing regrets.

Distant and cold;
inadequacy is on my mind.
That's all I see in the mirrior.
That's all I hear when I speak.
Makes me wonder
if you can do better.
Can't do much worse.

I ache to remember how I felt
two poems ago,
one evening ago.

"I love you more than you'll ever know,
even more than I'll ever show."

I'm scared to leave.
Things may never be the same.
Maybe things will change.
Maybe we'll get better.
Maybe sometime.
Maybe never.

I wish my past can stay here.
It kills me;
my shadow in the dark.
I picture our future:
Shades of gray,
static and blur.

Help me to change,
to be the girl you dream of.
The only one for you.