By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Jan 06
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I started this year with more confusion. I don’t know what is it about people and honesty. Why can’t they just speak their minds for once! They just assume that you know what they are thinking of, well pardon me for it seems that my crystal ball isn’t working and that I don’t happen to have a deck of cards to read.
Here’s flash news for you:” I cannot read minds!”
Why is it every time the conversation gets serious, people are terrified to hear the truth or share their feelings. It really annoys me. I do not ask them to make promises they cannot keep. I do not and cannot pressure them to take any action, but the truth, yes the truth, this much they owe me.
I cannot walk in a path blind folded; without knowing where it will take me. How do they expect me to be myself around them and to act normal, when they do not explain what their intentions are towards me? People do not want to be transparent,  God forbid I could see-through their hearts.
So much confusion so little sleep.  So many thoughts with little answers.
That is the price you pay for your honesty; a world of uncertainty, ambiguity and vagueness. Gambit and cheers for inception, love, mental health and a pile of lies!