By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2011 Jan 24
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Continental Continuity

In the morning
the sunlight scrapes
at your window,
attempting to illuminate
the beauty of your eyes
(for this strange man
that humbly holds you
so clumsily;
forgive me
for this)

But the light falls on everything
every corner of the world
every walking tragedy
every beautiful misstep
every melancholy stranger
every cordial blessing
altruistically passed along
it illuminates the chaos
and order,
the abhorrent and pervasive iniquities
of so much of humanity
and yet
all I care about
right now
is that it shines on your wondrous face
(what a pleasant distraction
you are
from this world)

Your taste
enthralls me
(your heart is tangibly genuine
and congenial
it beats with compassion
and purpose)
your skin
soft and welcoming
and you tremble
while you make your way
into the white
(Stay now
in my arms)

So where will you go,
when the year ends?
In search of change
your wings lift you away
but when you return
perhaps we can run
in a summer rain
and wash away the months
in the forgiving and beneficent night
(You are the most beautiful distraction
from this world