By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2011 Jan 24
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Night (Desire)

A genuine smile
on fragile lips
is a light
that wakes me,
that breaks me
from placidity
(fingers travel
on soft skin
for miles
and miles
it seems)

Twilight pulls
at the window
and your warm laughter
drifts through
the silence
(desire could devour me
while your hair
falls over your face
barely visible
in the soft light)

Time is inert
while we tangle
our bodies together
(your body
welcomes me,
invites me
to explore
the contours
and curves
the valleys
and mountains)

it seems
you are a painting
vivid and beautiful
and reminiscent
of home
(So smile sweetly now
and sleep softly dear,
in safety and peace,
I'll hold you near)