By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Feb 28
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Pictures 1-7-09

Pictures of the past play in my mind again; back and forth they rewind, the tape is broken, stuck on that moment in time. A time where my heart ached for you, and now it aches again, in great sorrow of our long lost trust, in deep pain from your constant lying, ashamed of myself , disappointed in you, of that broken link of connection, erased moments of affection.
They say “ Home is where the heart is” and yet my heart is absent, I feel homeless and this feeling won’t fade away until this gap is filled again, until the distance is gone.
Do I have the right answers to all the questions? I do, but I would rather live in silence for sometimes silence is louder than words.
Do I feel broken? I do, but instead I put on a brave face. Am I hurt? I am, but I continue acting like a rock.
I am confused; will I regret any of this? The possibility is there, but I will take that risk, I will take it knowing that I have given you my best to live a life free of guilt.