By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Feb 28
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Thursday 14-8-09

Believe me I am trying so hard to forget you, to forget everything that has to do with you, to just put you behind. I am trying my best, but a part of me just does not want to forget, does not want to let go, does not want to move on.
I never realized that I loved you that much and a part of me wishes I did not but I do.
In the book of love, I am supposed to hat e you now, but I really do not and I am just as shocked as you are to hear this.
I can and will never understand how this happened to us. I thought we were stronger and bigger than that, but it only shows that we are human.
I forgive you for everything, I wish you nothing but the very best in life, I wish you love and happiness and most importantly I wish you a sincere heart and an understanding woman.

our time, our songs, our memories will always be ours', they will always be beautiful, they will always stand the test of time,and notjing and no one can ever change that, becuase they once belonged to us, and us only" .