By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Mar 15
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My Rock

Who would’ve thought that things will happen the way they did? I for starters did not expect to meet THE person who would make me feel this way; I would’ve never guessed it, not in a million years.
How random and spontaneous it came to me, all wrapped up in red ribbons, and once I opened up, I could only find beauty and kindness, the kind we could never find today. How lucky I am to come across it. God must really love me to throw such a precious gift my way.
I’ll be honest with you, at some point I really didn’t believe that there was someone for everyone, but now that I met you, I truly regret ever giving up on that. Regardless if you end up together or now, I need you to know that I am grateful for you, for all that you do, for making me feel so special, I have never felt this loved, NEVER.
I love how you want to know who I am talking to on the phone, I love that because I was never asked this before, no one ever bothered or was curious enough to know, I was taken for granted and I hated it, I always wanted to feel like I belonged to someone and with someone, to feel the presence of my other half, to constantly feel that he cares and is jealous of everyone that so much looks at me.
You are passionate and compassionate, I can see the love in your eyes, the way you look at me, I love it, again no one ever made me feel like I was a Goddess, I was always a Queen but never a Goddess.
This is just too overwhelming, lately I just find myself smiling whenever you cross my mind (always).
I love your eyes ,your smile, your dimples, your red head, the shape of you head, the moles on your head, your broad shoulders, the fact that you are a hairy beast haha , the way you dance and sing for me, ya Rakan I swear every time I think about it I am overjoyed!  
I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you. You are one of a kind and you are a God sent!
I love everything about you; please never change because it is all part of your charm.
I heart you to pieces! Little tiny tiny tiny pieces that when they add up, it doesn’t nearly equal all the loving hearts in the world.
The one special thing about me is “YOU”