By Rockie
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Mar 24
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Response to Identity Crisis

[1:52:56 AM] Rock: for mny known and unknown reasons you have accustomed yurself to the stae of loniliness because you werent ready to settle for anyhing and you kept yourself available for me and gave me the task of kickin loniliness out of ur heart. and no matter how many people surrounded you it was my job to take u to hear u to be there for u to let you know ur tru worth, n this is why u never blended becasue you know in ur subconcious that i was on my way to u n thats why memonterly u wanted to b that corner that iwould find love and never choose another route. this feeling of loneliness was my battle was my war to ur heart and only wen i defeatd it would i have gained the gift of true happiness. i wanna share any burden that u have and ur trueself is embrassed by me and wen ur my wife i will allow u to be and do what u feel is rigth by urself becasue regardless i will worship ur self. and i wanna be the oxygen in ur lungs and be the freedome u yurn for. your decisions will be urs to make and they will have my support in every step of the way and no man and no army will stand in ur way aslong as iam willing t lay my life on the line for u in evryway. the places u wish to visit i will make sure i take u to and do my best to buy u a house there so u can holiday in anytime u wana go bak. ur life is toooo precious to be comapred to a contract and every promise made by me i will die tryin to fulfil and ur idenity ill be worn with pride becasue u have earned everything u have or i have given becasue ur the air the moon the stars the sun the day the night to me and the world will have to deal with me if they have any issues with u.. ur one and only urlover u man ur papi ur army ur soldier