By Just L
Date: 2011 Mar 27
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My Only Sin - Original

I have lived
With integrity.
Full of grace
And chaste.

Never cheated;
Nor lied.
I, too,
Ached; cried.
Completely taken
And just as shaken.

Yet New Years
Was not the first…
Women; Texts repeated.
Still no denying
We're perfectly fitted.

Hence with that 1-1-11 (not 911) call,
“I promise to be gentle with you
If you will be fearlessly honest with me.”
A vow we’ve kept through tears and all.

Admits his choices poor
I know so were hers (plural; yes yours)!
Easily claim manipulation; coercion
Dare not look at your own reflection?
For me he's made genuine amends
Why (do you) insist on attacking me to no end?

"She's the one, Maman" (French for mom)
This she already long knew.
"Dad, she's my angel.
My blessing. Grateful.
Answer to my prayers.”
Dad: "She's delightful."
Out with his friends arm in arm …
"Meet my true love …Wife."
Completely charmed.

My only sin
(And a pure heart.)
So persecute me.
Again and again.

Just L
Written March 28, 2011, as my sweetheart, EMA, sleeps beside me tonight and every night this year… waswema and Beblessed, do not even pretend to think you may judge me or know our 18-month journey to here. I owe you no explanation for my happiness.

You only look foolish, and bitter. And believe me, that is not a good look on any woman no matter her age.