By Rockie
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Mar 27
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Rockie love

There is a night sky filled with stars but one star shines in particular stand out amongst the rest that star is you. there is a crowd of people and they all come and go just a big blur but your picture is in my mind like a mirage no matter hw far you are i can see you so close so clearly quinching my thirst releving me of certain death. the streets that i walk all look a like but there is a corner that i am so familiar with that it brings me unmatched comfort and i feel like i known this croner forever wen infact ive come to find out abt it not long ago and the comfort it brngs me and the sense of direction and belonging and that corner in my life is the path that led me to u. the fact of the matter is no matter how  hard i try to convince u that you have been to me what water is to rivers with out them empty and dry. you have been to me what the sun is to the plants with out u i die. you have been to me what the engine is to the car without u i can go no were ur my drive. u have been to me wat education is to the masses without u i am an idot lost and confused. i have lived 27 odd years and i can say untill a week ago i ahve never appreciated the life that has been given to me as i have wen the second  u walked into my life. i never though that comitment was an option in my life but i havent even thought of u as my girlfriends instantly i pircuted u as my wife. you are to me wat an ambilical chord is to a phetus with out u i would die of hunger die of thirst i wouldnt be able to devlope and grow .for all i know i will have lived a life without appreciating the life i had been given had u never spoken to me. farah the only person that i sleep thinkn abt and wake hopin to hear frm is the same person i dream abt fantasies  abt and picture my future with that godess is you farah. i love ur family may god bless them all i love they way they r so accepting of my love for u and they r not worried if u fall coz they know that i will be there to catch u without a doubt. u r wat my life is all abt i am hungry for perfection just to feel as though i am not being short in the way i show u i can be for us. i have the past behind me and all i am consumed by is the present from god that is u and the future that i pray god wrote for me n u i wanna take u places see all the expressions of ur face its a must no compramise i wanna makeu laugh as we lay i wanna make u feel like a kid whos only worry is to play and have fun and am sure that obstacles will arise but as u as my bak bine my heart n my eyes together we will defeat and conqure any dilema because i love u like there is no limit ill admitt it i feel heals over head for u the second i saw ur smil only to be confirmed wen i heard u laugh. the butterflies in my stomach wen i see ur eyes wen i close my eys to imagne the softness of ur lips the way u hate things abt ur body but i love ur frm ur head to ur hips and all the way to ur heals ill appeal every negative thing u have to say because there is no way i am takin ur side on this coz to me farah plain and simple ur a GODESS. Ive seen u in jeans i ve seen u in sheep coverd pjs ive seen u in green i ve see nu in yello ive seen u with no make up on ive seen u in a tan and i stand by my comment and my firm belief that u have given my heart wings and my head relief coz ur amazingly gorgeous ur take my breath away and there is no way that i can be without u and only a fool will doubt u or break ur heart id rather die 10000 deaths than be one of them infact i ask god to burn me i nhell if i turn on my words because i meant ever1 ill either have u farah hadid soon to be kloub if not then i want none.i am u in a guy and ur me in a girl andtogether all i can say is look out world batman and robbin aint got shit on us its hulk and catwomen here to tear u up to bits. u make my world spin so fast that it like a joy ride that i never want to end i wish it could last forever more 2gether wer forever young. i want u body in my arms i want ur head on my chest i want ur breath on my neck so i can forget the rest of the world in ur eyes to cherish ur soul to kiss u all frm ur head to ur toes and i knows that u dunt like me to get safil so i will skip the nity grity but its pitty coz i would like to give u a heads up but but baby i want u to know that i will rock ur wolrd and i will rock it some more i will rock it like bon jovi been rockin it on stage since 94 hahaahahah. ur my world ur my all ur my queen ur the godess that my eyes had the pleasure of seein. i love every strand of hair on ur head i love how it falls on ur face the way ur brown eyes take me to a place uncharted to a universe were its u n i and together we live grow old and grey an die in eah others arms. and ive already told u how i wish to go ahahahahaahah inside joke ncase sum1 elsereads this. i want u farah hadid kloub with out u my life was cold as an ice cube but now life with u is like on the beach on a summer day warm and full of pleasure in every way. i wanan feed u and k ow the bliss of ur lips touchin my fingers and i want u to feed me so i can finally know taste u r without a doubt the right person right time and right place ur all in 1 my best friend my lover my wife and if that not the closest to a perfect combination then i dunt know wat is but it is my biz to make sure ur smiling happy and content with everythin i do we did do wil do this is just the begiing of my testiment that i love u . actions speak louder than words ever can and my plan is to implemnt all that ive said frm the minute we r together as hubby n wife until am dead so help me god let me uphold my word and let me prove to fara thats she is and will always be my world i strive for u i struggle for u i kill for u i do wat u desire wat u imagine wat ufanatsies i want u to close ur eyes and give me ur hand and let me show u how my life has been in constant demand for ur love and its endless supply inti 7ayati 7abeebti 3omree ro7i masareeni. i want u jadore