By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Mar 27
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To Rockie

I never thought that I would find someone like you, it never occurred to me that such a great person exists and yet better, he is all mine!  You are generous with your feelings, you never hold back, you make other people in love look pathetic because no one could possibly be as amazing, warm and kind hearted as you are!  I love everything about you, I love that evil smirk you have on your face when you are about to say something cheeky, how you lift your eye-browse at me when I say something you don’t necessarily agree with, how you are always energetic mashAllah, dancing and goofing around, how out spoken your personality is.  I love how you always ask for my opinion in everything and how you always consider my feelings , you don’t know how rare that is these days! I looove how you are not afraid to show your sensitive side, it only makes you more of a man, one hell of a sexy man if I may say! I love how joke around together, argue and laugh, knowing that this is it, this is what we want, no fight, no argument can separate us, all will be solved in half an hour or even better by one heart-taking smile from you to me.
I have never felt at ease this way, having you by my side makes life worth exploring , you arm me with confidence ,love and security ! I feel so safe with you; you are my protector, my man!
There was never a doubt in my mind from your first reply that you were the one for me, NEVER. I swear, I said this is it, I found him. I found the one.
Some people spend a lifetime looking for something merely as special as this, they may never find it and I assure you that what we have is unique, mashAllah!  We are so lucky to have run into each other, I want to spend the rest of my life with you my rock, my hubby, my best friend and soul mate!
I wanted to write you more and tell you how you make my heart skip a beat a thousand times every single minute, how loved you make me feel, how unbelievably happy I am with you, mashAllah!
May God bless the love we have for one another and make it stronger and deeper with time. You are my family and I am crazy for you. I am all yours and yours only!
P.S: you look unbelievably sexy riding bayyybaa bayybaa.