By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2011 Mar 28
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A New Goodbye

Winter will not sleep
and goodbyes
are longest
when they can't be spoken
So where
can I
lay down
and rest
this tired mind
Where is peace
when this turbulence
admonishes me
to wait
and yet
confusion breathes heavily
upon my neck

My thoughts are twisted
and convoluted
tied in knots
and beauty surrounds me
(attempts to swallow me whole)
its affluence
strikes my heart
with force
(Here I am
lost in song
and words again
while the sun sets
outside my window

Pain is given
and hearts will break
despite all efforts
against the inevitable
but what can be done
when we are this fragile
of hopes and hearts
irrationality and lungs
(though we forget how to breathe
so easily)
atoms and memories
questions and dreams
desires and something
that we cannot yet understand
or see
or know
lest we break ourselves

With arms open wide
I'll take you in
and let the world
fall away
along with our beliefs
where are you?
are you lost
in the chaos outside?
have you lost yourself
in the power of their hearts
and now resigned yourself
to defeat?)

This winter refuses to die
and bring peace
to this troubled boy
that can't bring himself
to say these words again
(a new goodbye
will leave my lips
before this all is done)