By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2011 Mar 28
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Tabula Rasa III (No Apologies)

As you fade away
don't I feel better
I've sheltered gifts
with thoughts
(Kisses are lost,
tossed away
somewhere safe)

help me bury
beneath placid isolation
and take your steps
on the sweet earth
away from me
(Their eyes
shelter disbelief)

I was made
to watch you fade away,
to stay in my own sheltered gifts,
I am content
with silence
and an empty house

I am full
when there is no one
A fire
glows brightly
with gentle warmth
serenely melting thoughts
when no one is here
and I am free
from the paradox
of humanity
(Isolation is my brother,
and Loneliness, my lover)