By Rockie
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Apr 01
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Rockie sweet

you make my day you make my night.
you make the gray come into the light
you shine like a new life givin me the right to love life
you are my every oncern you are my every plan
you are my only godess and am ur only man
in comparison to before ive opend a door a window to opportunity
one filled with life one filled with the right to experience everyhting i could never imagine
you are my companion my friend my soulmate my wife
for the rest of my life i will do whatever it takes to show u that you are my better half

you are the strenght in my viens you are my sunshine wen it rains
you are the breath in my lungs ur are my saviour wen life had me hung
you are my vision wen past expeiences had me in division with my direction
you are my excitment you are my all i love you and forever i will love you more and more.
the words that can only be reptitive
the mercy that yu give the passion you show
far exceed the glow frm ur teeth
you steal my thoughts you steal my dreams you steal my fantsies
you are the woman i dreamt abt that i could never see her face it took me a certain time and a certain place to get to
but now that i am there i can raise my hand and say the grass may not be greenr on the other ide
but it defntly is on my side
may the merciful and benvlont Allah let me love ya for i have never deemed any1 ive known life worthy wife worthy happiness worthy as you
i feel my heart beat fast i feel my belly twist i will my body tnese up frm my head to my fist down to my knees a million stories in my mind nd the only 1 i care abt is the way i met the mother of my children
its true i may not deserve you but i will give it all up to have you by my side have u as my bride
i love every waking second that you lay in my arms that i can have the honour and fortune to keep you out of harms way
i wanna spend everyday showin u the love i feel for you and maybe then only then can u relate that while words are a motherfucker action will be great.

the misery the lonliness the heartless souless life i led infected my lifestyle my head i felt that to be dead would be a sweet release as i increase doses of alchol and and shots of unhappiness. and yes i admit that the mistakes i made felt like the right way to self distruction and while my faith in all might ALLAH never aloud me to think sucidle thoughts it was a self distructive road i was on and no one and i mean none could get bck on the path to greatness
it would be fair to say that  i hated life frm day to day i walk the streets alone and i see lovers in restaurants and in movies and in parks and beachs and no 1 reaches for me i felt like i may have been born a solo soldier.
but i woke up one day and frm the skies came this ray the harmoney this smile that i had never seen and certainly all the while that i felt like a outkast honstly speakin i knew wouldnt last till this god sent came my way helped me pray helped me took my hand and lead me towards the light showd me wat it feels like to be mster right and over night i begged god i told him i take back all the wrong i said and did i want to be ith this reason to alive i found the reason to call life a pleasure not a prison i knew frm day 1 that none could replace could take me to the place i went in my head and heart and its hard to deny and this no 1 certnl not i could take thisaway frm u i am forever in ur debt for ever will try to set the bar for what a great lover a great man should b and who he should see u as th angel nay th godes that took this soldier frm the slum and put me onto better days better ways
i love you my farah you are my star the air i breath .

the anger is gone the hate is burried  in a urry i am smiling constantly and love consumes me al hamdulila and al hmdaulila for u my alll.