By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Apr 01
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My Steady Rock

Some say that words and actions never go together for actions speak louder, but for now all I have to give to you are my words due to the many miles that separate us. And I hope that with these words, these many alphabets arranged into sentences fall on your ears like cupid throws his arrow into lover’s hearts.
I wish I could come up with new words, that hold new meanings just for the two of us, for the fact that this thing we share, should not be categorized in the department they call “Love”, for me it should not be given a name, because it is far too superior and far more beautiful to be limited and to be caged in such a narrow field.
It’s a shame because you may never know the number of divided up hearts that will unite the moment we meet, the speed of these hearts racing for that embrace, the echo of the beats celebrating the hug so longed for.” I love you “are lame words to the amount of times you make me fall for you over and over again. Every time I hear your voice, I get goose- bumps, every time I see you smile, my heart skips a thousand beats, and every time you are being cheeky I feel like pinching your cheeks or better way to put it, I just roll my eyes at you.
You are special, rest assure that when God created you, he did it for a reason, a certain purpose, and although you were born before I was, but you were sent to save me, to rescue me, to lift me up, away from all the chaos around me, you were sent to protect me, to defend me, and to guard me from every harm. You are my man and never have I been more proud to call myself someone’s lady, I belong to you, I am yours and nothing and no one can change that for as long as my heart beats.