By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 May 18
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Rockie Lullaby

You lay asleep my little angel, all tired and out of energy because of work today. You lay there and I wish I was next to you, to cover you, to keep you safe from the cold, to cuddle you, to hug you, to let you know how loved you are, to squeeze your hand so tight like I would never let go, to stroke your hair with the tip of my fingers, to tell you just how gorgeous you are and how peaceful you look in your sleep.
However, these are just dreams, these are my daily fantasies and these are my day to day wishes. Sadly I am miles apart, I cannot see you, I can only imagine and picture you.
They say that if you constantly concentrate on the same thought and keep thinking of it over and over again, God will grant you your wish as the universe speeds the process of bringing this thought into a reality. Positive thinking it is; you are beyond any doubt 24 hours a day, seven days a week running through my heart, mind and soul. I know that I will be able to hold you sooner than later. I am sure that I will embrace you today before tomorrow and I know that I will love you an entire lifetime and all the ones after.
As you lay there asleep, my only consolation is the hope that it is ME you are dreaming of.
I love you.