By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2011 May 23
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Desecrated (Sorry)

I falter
break myself
against my own idiocy
and humanity
(another drink
after another drink
and another
and then
I am raped
by a void
that I welcome in
for some unknown reason)

the night was cool
and I let you in
though there was no light
in my mind
let my hands fall to my side
(faith was devoured
under the cover of the stars
while shame crept closer
to consume what was left
of the man
now a boy,
left to offer apologies
to an Angel
floating listlessly
on the ocean's turbulent surface)

you took
what I didn't want
to give
but guilt remains
with me
drowning me in the truth
of what I have done
(i am sorry)

and sometimes
I think
I am undeserving
of the embrace
of Her arms
the warmth
of Her smile
or the light
of Her words
(i am just a man)

So what are you thinking
fiery heart
have you condemned me
as you should
(as I have myself)
or is there reason
for me
to rise up
and leave this cave
to offer these
remaining shards
as penance
for my sins
(A promise
to give you
all that
I am


at least