By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2011 May 26
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Anticipation (Distance)

The leaves surrendered
and danced their beautiful
and colourful dance
of decay
when I first felt
your skin rise
in reaction to my touch
and tremble melodically
from my tongue
and grateful breath

[where we were then
was some crack in
some accidental blessing
that seems delicate now
with the months passing so rapidly
(beneficently fragile
and graciously giving
a brief taste of your

and then the snow
devoured the streets
and winter scraped at us
from the windows
(I awoke to your soft, tangled hair
your silk skin
and I felt my arm around you
as your chest rose
and fell
to a silent rhythm
dictated by your placid dreams
and I laid there with silent admiration
of your quiet brilliance

you warmed my body
and then my heart
as the days passed:
I became taken in
by the subtle life
in your eyes
and the clumsy elegance
you displayed
to me

I lost myself unexpectedly
in the ambient warmth
of your words
and that burning passion
that turned
into so much ashes)

yet you are not here
Distance keeps me
and waiting
(and wait I will)

Though I held you
in the heart of winter
you remind me more
of spring
(the bursting forth
of life
the comfort and warmth
of a gentle breeze
cascading through the trees
creating a natural and beautiful melody
to titillate my tired mind
the beauty of rising recklessly
to another beginning;
you gave yourself
to me,
this insignificant
tiny little man
that is still
in awe
of that way
you smile
and take it all