By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Jun 19
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Forever more

The earth beneath my feet can shake,
My beliefs and values you can take,
I would do that and more for your sake.

No pride in love an old man said,
The bigger ego got it bled,
And arrogance was shot dead.

Gardens of tulips,
Sealed words on muted lips,
The love unfolds in a state of bliss.

The broken healed,
The hurt concealed,
From tears, I’m a shelter, a shield.

Lovers for you can wait all their life,
Your heart is mine, for you I’ll strife,
I’ll cut the line of lovers like a knife.

Spouse, partner and my better half,
I want to fill you up with joy and hear you laugh,
Even if we make mistakes and start to gaffe.

I love you today, tomorrow and until infinity,
Because no one can deny you have always been a part of me,
Even before I knew it, before I could see.