By Just L
Date: 2011 Jun 22
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Some things – like integrity, compassion, honor, and one’s sanity – are not worth losing.

Once I forfeited $50,000 to rescue two lives.
They will never know it.
Another time I paid a bill of $5,136 to save someone’s dream.
He is still dreaming.
Then again, I disbursed $11,945, to pay a love’s debts.
He won’t ever know how hard I worked for that.
One time I spent $10,000 on me just because it was mine to blow.
Probably the worst investment ever.
Over the course of one year, I gifted one person $17,271, just because.
This was the best gift I ever gave to myself.
I will dole out $30,000 plus interest to save one from himself.
He may never fully appreciate it.
I might even remit $4,000 to someone who thinks she’s won.
As she has already lost everything.
I will pray for the woman who moans, “I pay every bill he has.”
I am the richest person on earth.

Lori Bumgardner
Written June 20, 2011