By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Jul 09
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Seasons of Treason

Seasons of treason
I gave you my word; I made a promise that from now on everything is guaranteed.
But what is a word? And what is a promise? Just alphabets and letters in a certain order, the words I utter are but a sound from my lips, and are nothing but echo in the space.
Guaranteed? but we all know that nothing is in the bag, nothing is for the taken.
A promise that I will break because I did not know what I was getting myself into.
A word that I will change because this is beyond me.
I have never lied to you and I don’t intend to start now.
When I said that everything is guaranteed, I honestly did not have the slightest idea what being in love meant!  And even though it may seem like the hardest thing on earth with a lot of demands and needs, but you make it out to be so fun and easy.
So before you judge me or call me out a liar, hear me out first for there is nothing guaranteed in love, feelings change, you may love me today but who knows what tomorrow has in store, so I hereby can’t guarantee that my feelings won’t change, but I guarantee that they will only grow stronger for you.
I can’t promise you the security you need, I can’t protect you from every harm but I want you to know that I will help you get back on your feet, I will give you all the hugs that you need and last but not least I will bury the person who hurt you alive and that is a guarantee.
All couples fight, all couples have misunderstandings, so understand that I may upset you at times but I promise you it is never my intention, I would rather be brutally honest with you than have my  way out and lie directly to you, staring you in the eyes and hurt you even more, so what I have to offer to you is my honesty and making up with you after a lousy argument , my guarantee for you is that you never feel deceived, cheated on, lied to  but rather assure you that you will always have me there to spoil you, love you and care for you.
So forgive me for the seasons of treason awaiting you, for the lies, for the promises I gave you before, because I was clueless to just how much I truly love you and how much more I can give you. So when I said I guarantee you all these things I wasn’t aware that there is always room for improvement, that I always want you to expect nothing but the best from me, and that my feelings will constantly change towards you in such a way that you could only feel  the royalty treatment you so deserve. I love you always and that’s a promise, but just how much exactly, that will always remain a surprise to both of us, so don’t ask me for I truly don’t know.