By KindredSpirit
Date: 2011 Aug 17
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It's been to long

It’s been too long….
but I remember well
how my fingers once  stroked the smooth damp inviting feel of your skin
as i traced and memorized the delicate ivory curves
that writhed slowly and seductively beneath my touch  

and the  taut heavy response of your breast                          
as my lips brushed lightly over the wrinkled tip

and how it felt to have your fingertips
trail a cool exciting path across my thighs.
leaving me with an involuntary shiver

it has been forever……….
since I have run my fingers thru the long heavy strands of your silken hair  
gripping thick handfuls
as I held your face in my hands
and  pulled your lips closer  to my kiss

but I can still feel how my hips molded perfectly
and suggestively against you……  
while your heels pressed urgently to the back of my knees

I remember how it felt
to have your hands on the back of my neck
pulling me down..
………….as you possessed me.

and how your whispers of expectations
  slid from your lips
…….and burned
hot and wet against my skin
….marking me forever

and how I felt your breath catch ..                
against a  shiver of passion
as I looked deep into your soul….
at the moment of our possession

then listened to the soft sounds of your sleep          
that were wrapped securely in my arms…..
…. content in the heat of the night
on these damp rumpled sheets