By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Oct 04
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And while it seems like I want to drive you through a brick wall, please keep in mind that you are the one behind the steering wheel, you are the one that holds me and unfolds my secrets.  If ever you felt like I was too much to handle, maybe it is because my story is different to yours and it has shaped my personality in many ways, some considered ugly. If I smile while we argue and disagree, it is not because I want to upset you but rather because I am holding back my tears.
There are times where I tend to say silly things, inappropriate, irrelative and absurd if I may add, and as I utter the words and feel the sound of their echo, I start wishing that I kept my mouth shut but no matter what I say, or how mad you might get at me, you would somehow still laugh and make a joke out of the situation.
In your eyes I may seem possessive and crazy but that is because I am. What’s mine is mine alone, however I can’t say that I am crazy, because I feel the world has enough of them, but when it comes to your happiness  I simply lose my senses.
Bottom line, there will always be ups and downs in every road, but if you want me to, I will always walk beside you, I will always be next to you and you will always have me. I don’t love you, I am in love with you.