By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2011 Oct 20
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I miss
the fierceness of your calmness
the placidity with which
you embrace this life
I am just a clown
a dream
that hopes to remind you
of his own incomplete lunacy
if it would just bring
a momentary smile
to that face
that I
can't help
but wish to paint
and bring in
to my effervescent mind

I miss the gentleness of your sincerity
the palpable realness of your soul
(never before
have I come so close
to believing that
so unbelievable
could so very possibly
be true)

I miss
your pale skin
softly felt
by my fingers
your silent thoughts
rising to my will
the taste of your lips
and the electric feeling
of the moments
I spent
and seductive breath

you find what is real
and mold it
from waves
into tangibility
you confront the earth
and demand a summer's breath
from all these echoes
then bow
to justice
(you do not submit
as the flowers in Fall do
you submit
as purity does
to understanding)

I miss the innocence
of your desire
the delicate light
that was in your eyes
the incorrigible beauty
that your soul
so effortlessly
and manifested
in your kindness
in your substantive consistency
I miss
(little child
of beautiful elegance
what I have
to give
is not much
but it is yours
if you will take it,
I am yours
if you will take