By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2011 Oct 20
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Inevitable Effect

These words
written down
are all that I have
to pierce the reluctantly strong armor
that sprawls across my heart;
an alloy
of cold resilience
consolidated caution
and brilliantly blinding memories

But you
make the purposely scattered remnants
and glow
you welcome life
with stunning melody
into your arms of endless distance
you smile
as the world spins about you
and you embrace
this world
with searing compassion
and admirably angelic acceptance

There is an ethereal beauty
in your eyes
(an empathetic understanding
for each bit of life
that passes into their view)

You spin me around,
make me dizzy
and the air is ablaze
from your soul
(that intangible softness
occasionally manifested in your voice
is the quiet spark,
the recalcitrant firefly
of the stars in the sky)

It's days like this
that I miss you most
(peaceful water between my toes
the stars as candles
above my little mind
and the crisp night air
of summer
filling my lungs:
the passage of time
in the absence of your essence)

Placidity is precariously here
and you are not
but I have quiet
in these thoughts
and memories)

with all these creatures of chaos
burning blessings in the wind
you bring warm laughter
and a searching, unfamiliar sincerity
from my bones
(You make me
want to embrace life
and for
unto you
am I)