By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Oct 22
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leap so steep

I never realized how much I put myself and emotions out there until today, how clingy I am, how needy I’ve become , how pathetic I can act, all because of my fear of neglect and because of my past relationship traumas, which all led me to my current insecurities.
However, it is true what they say, parents do fuck you up at one point in your life, a girl will always look up at her father as the best person in her life, and when it’s time to choose  the significant other,  we do tend to pick someone that either looks or acts like them. Which is perfectly understandable, because you wouldn’t know any better.
See, my problem started here, right here, at this very point, I kept reflecting my parents’ relationship on mine, it could be because he resembled dad in many ways, and I felt weak like my mother, I don’t know, anyway I am turning in a person I hate,
This pressure is killing me, being engaged is supposed to make you happy, he is such a great person but why aren’t I jumping with joy???  Cold feet before the big day??
Do people fight a lot before they take this leap? Help me understand because I am honestly lost.