By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2011 Nov 02
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Pour Gasoline Liberally, Light A Match, And Wait

What do you see
in this deformity
of a
in this iconoclastic soul
that drags his bony fingers
across your beauty
searching for the reason
that you allow me
to hold you
and take part in the affluent life
that bursts from within
your flame
so effortlessly

how is it
that you
see this man
who burns alive
as something to bring near
(and yet,
I do not burn
I feel like some random snowflake
that has happened
to fall
and melt upon
your skin
in the first snowfall
of the year)

The moment
seems fragmented
in the realest sense
because you don't let me
         you grab
and put me in
the earth
and say
"baby, just wait a
little while.
I'll find you
in the chaos
of the rainy morning"

Well, baby,
I will burn
all night long.