By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2011 Nov 02
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Life is...

just a carnival
and we are unwilling passengers
thrust into the speed
of it all
by the organized chaos
the orchestrated crazy disarray
all about us

are muted ferris wheels
where we look down upon
the lights below
and all the little moments
we are granted
and those
on the streets below
gaze upwards
searching for transparency

it's just a game
where we're all tossed about
flung from side to side
and from the sky
to our knees
(gratefully we
to the warm earth)

the city's lights
are the fireworks
that remain mundane
and boring to the masses
though some
see the glory
that they manage
to still grasp
and the hope
that rests beneath them

it's all just
a game,
you know,
just a few decades
of chance
and smiles,
disappointment and confusion
and serenity
shattering glass
and the rapid disintegration of continuity

until you find her
in the crowd
looking at you
with those
those damned
of sparkling iridescence
knowingly understanding,
verily anchoring you
to the reality of surreality,
and they look at you
and see symmetry

and then every single thing just