By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2011 Nov 12
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Ain't No Moonlight Here

I want to undress you
To search your skin
With my fingers
For the answers
To the rising winter
That stands ominously
Before us
Eagerly waiting
To envelop the city
(as it did
When you left
So long ago)

I want to see you
And alive
Opened up
Like an amaranth
I want to stretch myself
Upon your beauty
And find each season
In the crevices
And rises
Of your body

To Find that tantalizing softness
In your shy eyes
That swim in quiet desire
And I will swallow your doubts
Take them within
Until ecstasy
Takes hold

I want to taste
Make you writhe
In pleasure
Until you become lost
Within the rapture

I want to dive
Into you
To drain all thoughts
Of anything else
Until your body shakes
And we end
In mutual embrace

I want to undress
To peel back the skin
And sinewy joints
Until I have found
Beneath the physicality

I have felt other's skin
Yet it was not as soft
Or inviting
As yours
I have searched inside others
But had no desire
To give them bliss
I have roamed through other bodies
But they had no meaning
They did not burn
As you do
They were phantoms
That could not be held
In the embrace of my arms

Are graciously worthy
Of time
And light.
And my Body
Accepts yours
There is a genuine humanity
And goodness
Behind your shy eyes
(my soul accepts yours
Because you