By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Nov 23
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My hubby - my blessing

I couldn't sleep, I was counting my blessings I'll 7amdulilah and ur name popped a thousand times and thousand more, until I eventually lost count! They say love makes you do all crazy things and brings out emotions u nvr felt, to be honest I have never experienced this with anyone,because I can nvr love so much this much and hate them all at the same time! Hate them for the fact that they are out of my reach, I can nvr love some1 this much and show them my soft side, my tears and my wall crumbling down unless I knew that they would pull me back up! I have never wanted to be with anyone every min of the day except with u, any given minute is a blessing I will cherish forever,I wish I had different words to use other than I love you, because what I feel in my heart is a raging sea that only u can calm down. Soul mates?I believe you are the missing piece in my soul, the piece I have been looking for my entire life. Rakan your place is in my arms, your heart is safe in my hands and your love I will wear it as a crown for you are my king, husband, best friend,soul mate and everything and evereyone. I love you to little tiny bits and to big fat chunks ÃßËÑ