By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2011 Dec 03
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Baby in movies, they say that one minute in ur life defines your whole future, it opens up your eyes and revives your put to sleep heart,it is said that no one knows when that moment is, but once it happens, your life is forever changed, and you know what?They were not exaggerating when they said that it is like a thousand fireworks.
In fact it wouldnt be an exaggeration if I say it felt like a million shooting stars lighting up the sky. Addictive,now that's a strong word yet once you try it, you can never go a day without're just hooked!
It's no lie that it lit a heart once dead,that it brought my heart back to life.
That life changing moment for me was at the balcony, when your lips were sealed on mine. When we shared our first love felt amazing breath-taking kiss. Thank you for waking me from my slumber. I love you my knight and everything.