By Star of David
Date: 2011 Dec 13
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When I dream of you I dream of coffins

When I dream of
You I dream of

You’re always
Struggling to
Sit up and I

Am always
Fighting to
Claw through

Only to wake up
In tears

And sometimes
There is

In the distance
Echoing in the
Dark silence

It helps
Ease the

And sometimes
There are only

Of you jumping
Out of doorways
In corridors

Always singing
Biting furiously
On pens

Our pens that
You steal
From our tables

We refused
Them then
Bitten to bits

I would kill
To have you here
Biting another pen now

When I awake
I remember
You smiling

Then forever
Silenced - bloody,
broken, bruised -

And how people fought
To carry your coffin
To your grave

In the