By Jane Rain
Date: 2011 Dec 22
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The Last Two Nights

it felt like the beginning again
with his focus solely on me.
but never before had i felt so close
so loved
so important
so needed
so wanted
so safe
than in our last two nites together.
we were truly ours.

dreading the end
i clung to every caress he laid upon me
every word that slid from his coy lips
every whiff of his sweet skin.
our love was magnified as we
shared our bodies and
bore our souls.
every ounce of my being was
poured into those hours.

still in a place of ethereal bliss
we laid facing each other
legs entwined and fighting off sleep.
i told him i knew something about us that
he didn't know
yet i couldn't say what.

what i know is a truth so deeply embedded in us
that it startles even me
to grasp its existence.
i believe it to be something he has to discover on his own.
until then
i will wait.