By Just L
Date: 2011 Dec 31
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Girl Code

(Some things you can't tell)

Happy New Years, Happy Anniversary. Congrats you're engaged to the best boyfriend ever (and, forever now)! Meanwhile handsome is engaged in disappearing, drinking, cheating, strippers (yes, plural), and staying out all night in a hotel, not sleeping it off in the back of a car. Then he buys you something pretty or personal to make you forget, and proves how stupid you are.

He talks about you all the time, but not gushing about how wonderful you are. Instead, he complains that you don't have sex, because you don't like your body (neither does he). He likes that you run the business successfully. He loves that you pay for everything, cover for him, and rescue him. But what he really likes is gushing on me.

I should know I'm one of (three of) his girls. I do the drugs, love your money, and whole heartedly appreciate your denial so we can hang out with your honey. Don't believe me, check your memory... how many texts have you sent looking for his whereabouts while he ignored you, said he was passed out (for days); check his phone, receipts, and ATM withdrawals at The Dollar. But don't check in with his guys, they are too loyal.

But you know. You know. You know you are an enabling fool. You may be a fool for love, honey, but he sure as hell doesn't love you.

My girlfriends and I have something called girl code. If we know, and we know you, we feel that you are owed. But I won't tell you because I don't know you at all. Heck, it is as likely all a show for us and you already know where you fall.

Not about me at all, Just (sadly) observing from afar
By Just L
December 31, 2011