By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2012 Jan 01
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Same shit, different smell

I hv this urge 2 suddenly write, new year's resolution & i got none, i am pretty much screwed in the head more than i ever believed i was. Wot is happiness anyway? y cant I find inner peace? I dont understand any of this shit & I was hoping u'd help me but u r just as lost, crazy leading the blind, wot a fatal combo. u always tell me to speak up otherwise pple wont get wot I mean, but the problem isnt with my voice, it's with their hearing،they dont lsn. Stupid silly thngs or so they come across but 2 me they mean sth, 2 u they mean nth but to me they are of significance, simple things yet u make them feel like the weight of the world is on ur shoulders, certain days r special, what we share is still considered new at least 4 me, I hate the way I am feeling right now, coz I luv u with all my heart & u dont even share rob3 hal sho3our & its not fair & it hurts. Galbak ma6fi ma3i, it feels like u settled 4 this,feels like  no passion bs attration =( ur my hubby, I Luv u understand this.